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Green Real Estate Is What Nature Desires Now

From the dawn of the human civilization, the planet earth was subjected to a lot of pressure for providing various ways of dwelling for mankind and man, who have created a share of havoc on the various sources of natural resources that was made available for the vast human race. But now after so many years man has landed himself amidst a lot of problem by over-exploiting these natural resources. If these non-renewable resources actually start to deplete, there will be no turn around for the human race. Thus with the use of green real estates, it will completely be removed from the Earth's face. All our attempts and efforts to improve our different ways of living have left behind a carbon footprint. The event resulting in the emission of the accumulative green house gases is known as the carbon footprint. In spite of spending millions of dollars and hosting various researches's no process has been discovered to control this rapid decrement of the natural resource…