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American Companies Opting For Green Real Estate

Regardless of the non-compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, the United States of America still helps Mother Nature by taking part in green real estate. This doesn't only mean an increase in the amount of construction supplies corporations with green friendly products, it also leads to foreign players having a piece of green properties.
According to current real estate news, corporations such as Goldman Sachs, IBM Corp., Toyota Motor, and JPMorgan Chase have already made a move towards green friendly properties. Aside from that, there are other companies including Bank of America and Accenture are on its way to getting themselves their own buildings made using green materials. Whether through construction or leasing, said companies are determined to go green.
Maybe it is due to constant information dissemination regarding global warming as well as other environment-related dilemmas, green real estate is now becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of an already boom…